Business Catering Questions

Where is the Catering Menu?

Our entire menu is available for your business catering needs under Order Online.

Download our Printable Menu PDF

How do I place my Moreno’s Business Catering order?

Log into and you can place an order from anything listed under Order Online.

Is there a limit to the size of a Business Catering order?

You can rely on for orders anywhere from 1 person to 500.

Can I get a delivery?

Moreno’s delivers on orders of over $50 to our delivery area. Delivery fees are based on weekday or weekend delivery. Our delivery fees are:

Vehicle   $15.00 (Monday-Friday)
Courier    $25.00 (Weekends)

How do I get a receipt/invoice?

E-mail confirmation- sent to you when you place your order

Invoice e-mail-sent by the end of day we fill the order


How much lead time do I need to place my order?

We recommend placing your order at least 3 hours in advance for pickup or delivery. For larger orders over $150 we would prefer 24 hours notice, but we understand that you may need a last minute delivery that meets your needs. Please call the store directly at 604-534-4500 for rush order preparation

Can I order on-line?

For sure!!! is designed to give our customers a fast, reliable ordering method. You can rely on Moreno’s whether your order is for 1, or up to 500.

Can I call my order in?

Please call us at 604-534-4500 and a Moreno’s representative will be happy to assist.

What payment options can I use for on-line orders?

We accept Visa, Master Card, or debit. While we do not accept cheques or cash for on-line orders, we do accept cash at our store cash register. We also accept gift cards and approved corporate accounts.

When do I need to place an on-line order?

Lead times for orders vary based on size of order & whether they are for pick-up or delivery. Our fastest pick-up time is 20 minutes & our fastest delivery windows are 30-60 minutes. The best way to ensure your desired pick-up or delivery, is to order at least 3 hours ahead.

How specific can I be in requesting a delivery time?

We offer 30 minute delivery range windows. For example, if you would like your order by 12:00, you can select the 11:30-12:00 window.

How do I get my order earlier?

Ordering at least 3 hours ahead will generally guarantee you the selection of the time slot you want. The website offers the first available time based on order size & choice of delivery or pick-up. If a delivery time does not show up, service is no longer available for that time.

How do I change or cancel my order?

To change or cancel an order please call 604-534-4500. The ability to change and/or cancel orders is determined by the amount of notice, order size, and pick-up/delivery method. Same day cancellations cannot be guaranteed. If cancellation is available, we offer customers the option of:

50% charge for total cancellation

25% charge for re-schedule

How do I add a tip?

You can add a tip from the checkout screen or add a tip later.

Can I call Moreno’s directly?

Yes you can, although is quick and easy to use.